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  1. Undergraduate
  2. Postgraduate (master's degree and PhD)

With your interests and passions at the Faculty of Science and Technology, RMUTT. We offer 9 undergraduate programs and 4 graduate programs (3 master programs and 1 PhD program) in the main campus area. If you want to be a scientist, you can choose Applied Biology, Food Science and Technology Management, Chemistry, or Applied Physics. But if your favour is to be a statistician or Maths teacher then you can apply for a bachelor of Mathematics or Applied Statistics. Besides, we also have Division of Computer Science, Information Technology, and Big Data Management and Analytics if your future career is a software developer, programmer or a data scientist. So let's discover what is best for you.





Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Full-time only

This program aims to produce graduates that understand and can apply their knowledge of mathematics, and correct reasoning according to mathematical principles. Graduates will have the ability to create mathematical models to connect and communicate, to facilitate understanding of the world’s problems, and apply knowledge and mathematical tools to solve problems efficiently. How to apply?


Applied Statistics
Full-time only

This program aims to produce graduates whom specialize in using information technology for applied statistics. Graduates will be able to work with others, and possess morals, ethics, and operational skills to enhance their experience as well as know how to apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems in the working environment. How to apply?


Computer Science
Full-time only

This program aims to produce data science graduates. The program is divided into two professional groups: Data science management, and computer network management and communications systems. How to apply?


Information Technology
Full-time & Part-time

Information Technology is divided into five groups as follows: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, and Business Computer, through surveys of demands from the business, government, private, and industrial sectors, which have been used to design courses that align with labor market needs. How to apply?


Full-time only

This program aims to produce applied chemistry graduates that can apply their knowledge of chemistry to different real-life situations. How to apply?


Applied Biology
Full-time only

This program aims to produce professional personnel in the areas of applied biology whom have expertise, experience, and advanced skills in science, technology, and innovation. How to apply?


Applied Physics
Full-time only

This program aims to produce professional personnel in the areas of applied physics through studying physical changes and relationships between matter and energy, as well as foundational knowledge that may be used to develop technology related to production. How to apply?


Postgraduate Programs

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Applied Chemistry
Full-time only
Applied Biology
Full-time only
Data and Information Science
Part-Time Programs


Doctor of Philosophy Program in Applied Chemistry

Ph.D. (Applied Chemistry)

Applied Chemistry
This Program will be taught in Thai.
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