The Faculty of Science and Technology, as it is known since 2006 under Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, was originally founded as the Faculty of Science in 1995 under Rajamangala Institute of Technology (RIT).  Its two main functions are: providing General Education courses in science and mathematics to students of all faculties in RMUTT, and preparing competent graduates with prominent expertise in science and technology, ethics and social responsibility.

Policy and vision

Philosophy of the Faculty
The Faulty of Science and Technology has commitment to producing professional and practical graduates in science and technology, creating innovation at the national level, and moving towards international standards.

Vision of the Faculty
“Faculty of Science & Technology concentrate on producing graduates that have professional hands-on skills in science, technology, and innovation in national and international levels ”

Mission of Faculty

  1. Provide tertiary professional education in science and technology with prominent quality, and create innovation.
  2. Undertake research, invention and innovation, which lead to commercialization and technology transfer to increase the national competitiveness.
  3. Provide creative academic services to promote entrepreneurship and job creation with competitive potential.
  4. Take active participation in the preservation and nourishment of Thai arts, culture, religions, and environment.
  5. Serve as an academic center with good governance management.

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