Global Platform

Global Platform

This knowledge which expressed by the writer was the article from of Dr. Manu Ordeedol “Business in the 21st Century Chapter 5: Cyber-Physical Systems” Available online:  The writers are Assoc. Prof. Dr.Suwarin Pattamavorakun of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi and Mr.Kittikorn Bounmath current master degree student of Thailand Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Tokyo Institute of Technology and Miss Marina Vongguenyoung former principal of Bangkok School for the Blinds. We would like to thank highly and be deeply grateful to the original writer Dr.Manu Ordeedol.

         Since our invention with innovation namely “Light-Sound-Braille    Electronic Books for Visually Impaired Students” should be designed for business by the two worlds: the digital world (or cyber world) and the physical world. Digital world is the world of information and software that are designed for working instead of human. Digital world interacts with machines and things such as sensors and actuators or others (such that now they are IoTs). The development of softwares systems are for bringing the information to process and connecting to the effectiveness work of the physical world. Data in digital world which gathered with the software system now is in the very intelligent model. So Cyber-Physical-System (CPS) of the complicated invention force the inventors that we must reconsider the strategies by adding on the value standard in every steps of making or using. Of this, inventors must use the self-control idea for bringing the valuable invention to customers.

We are the academic researchers that are in the situation that we must adjust or adapt ourselves for accomplishing our own business. So we must know the insight of every parts for processing our invention. The invention will be at global platform of IoTs which connects the data of the physical world to process in the digital world. We assume that the concerning issues will be the followings:

  1. Our body resources such as sensors, actuators, RFID, QR Code, etc. are embedded system of contents and program.
  2. Internet with wired and wireless network will make the business processing to connect all kinds and all sizes worldwide business. The reason is the business will be the part of global value chain.
  3. We are in the state of dynamically re-configuration of every parts for sending the inventions along to the customers, such as to do the sale circulation, trade dealing and sales promotion and transportation.
  4. The business processing will be an automatically. Software such as the purchasing system will be created as valued chains for the best business producing in the form of mass customization with low cost. The personalized values creation and business management strategies will lead to the satisfaction of the individual user and public social responsibility organizations.

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