• Invention made from the requirement of Thailand blind school teachers the content are Thai animals especially wildly reserved animals.
  • Invention is special for blind child personalize reading, classroom teaching or parent reading for the small uneducated blind. Also for deaf, deaf mute, mentally retarded and normal eyes children.

Product Features

  • Compressed virtual protrudent and sink plastic models that carved out from the real animal’s characters.
  • Braille letter and normal text of animals, explanation and beautiful animals’s pictures.
  • Personal animals sound, animals description information, music-tales and light while touching on animal imitated bodies.



  • It is in a tablet that adjusted from book model. It is portability, easy to use, user-friendly, fun knowledgeable and scalable for extend to other stories.
  • It is computer embedded system of electronic board and program for controlling, memory storage, power, sound providing.
  • It is originality with most universal accessible designed.


  • Current products is using in Bangkok Blind School. Recently researchers got supporting fund from Ministry of Education for a lot amount distributing to all blind school in Thailand.
  • Product can adjust to other know-how expertise stories such as flowers of real characters with odor using savory fragrance smell ink.

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