Trimming protocorms for multiplication new protocorm of Dendrobium formosum Roxb. การตัดแบ่งโปรโตคอร์มเพื่อเพิ่มจำนวนโปรโตคอร์มของกล้วยไม้เอื้องเงินหลวง

A. Jala, N. Balla


Multiplication Dendrobium formosum by  using  trimmed technique and compared 3   culture medium which were  VW (1949)  MS (1962) and Jittrapan (1993) medium.  Protocorms were trimmed with transverse section ( upper and lower section ) and longitudinal section. This experiment was done with 9 treatments and used factorial in CRD (Completely randomized design). After cultured  sections of  protocorms on each  medium for 45 days,   all sections of protocorms   on VW media gave the highest growth and  survival rate. Longitudinal  section of protocorms gave the highest new protocorms.


protocorms , Dendrobium formosum , Vacin and Went(VW), Murashige and Skoog(MS) , Jitrapan medium

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