A Simple Experimental Set for Refractive Index Measurements of Liquids

Kanchana Chanprasert


The objective of this work was to reconstruct the simple refractive index experimental set using Snell’s law and refracted light through different media and studied the efficiency of them. It was apparently comfortable and easy to use. It is consisted of: 1) an acrylic box and LASER source, 2) the acrylic box that connected with a scale meter ruler and 3) the plate mirror could varied horizontal angel for using. In finding the efficiency by using the simple experimental set, send the light from LASER source trough the desired liquid in box after that had refracted in the air. The refractive index calculated from the data were the horizontal distance between the refracted light position on the plate mirror to the scale ruler , the height distance from the refracted light position on mirror to  refracted light position on the scale ruler and the  horizontal angel of the plate mirror. The excellent of the simple experimental set was varied horizontal angel. The using of the simple refractive index experimental set found the refractive indices of 4 types of liquids; water, glycerin, 50% of syrup and palm oil. The results revealed that the refractive indices of water, glycerin and 50% of syrup were 1.244-1.286, 1.346-1.558, 1.286-1.328 and 1.323-1.584, respectively. The percentage error of this simple refractive index experimental set was less than 10 %


Physics and Education

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