Rubber arm with fluid system for venipuncture training, new model in clinical skills tutors

Faongchat Jarintanan


The newly developed artificial arm allows puncture practice with an arm model that has similar touch to human arms, providing effective training environment for blood drawing. Rubber arm with fluid system for venipuncture which duplicates the 3 veins of human arm condition as closely as innovation technology allows.  The venous system simplifies setup with only one internal fluid box and pump supplying artificial blood to all veins simultaneously. The antecubital fossa includes the median cephalic, median basilic, and median cubital veins in rubber arm. The Rubber arm with fluid system was developed by integrating a five-degree. Subjective responses such as perception of the RA and perceived fell and using were measured by questionnaires. In experiment 1 show agreement and strong agreement in virtual arm (94%) sized (93%) and color (63%). In experiment 2 show 99.9 % to perfect the technique of venipuncture to draw from veins. In this work investigated the possibility of   rubber arm with fluid system using matched or mismatched for medical science student of venipuncture training . It can make confidence and understand steps in the first draw blood after using model.

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