Kombucha Production by Combinations of Black Tea and Apple Juice

Dr.Ruamporn Liamkaew, Janjira Chattrawanit, Dr. Paiboon Danvirutai


This work aims to study the use of apple juice combined with black tea to produce Kombucha beverage in order to improve its quality and assess microbial for food safety.  After fermentation, AT Kombucha was pasteurized and then filter sterilized. Predominant chemical compounds and microbial detection in AT Kombucha were analyzed. The results demonstrated that using apple juice as the culture substrate together with black tea to ferment AT Kombucha improved total phenols content. For the food safety view point, there was no foodborne pathogens detected followed the Notification of Thai Ministry of Public Health No. 356 (2013) for beverages in sealed container. Thus, the methods of fermentation and sterilization used in this study were proved to safe from biological hazard and have a potential for commercial production.   


Kombucha, Fermentation, Healthy beverage, Apple juice, Total phenols, Tea

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