Diversity of Phytoplankton and Water Quality in Mae Suai Reservoir During the Rainy Season

Tippawan Prasertsin, Sudatip Yavichai, Chawanrak Pingmano


The diversity of phytoplankton and the water quality were studied at the Mae Suai Dam, Chiang Rai Province from August to October 2016. Specimens were collected from sites located in four different areas; the inlet area, the outlet area, an area adjacent to the residential community and the area used as an agricultural source. A total of 38 genera of phytoplankton consisting of 52 species were obtained from the Mae Suai Dam. The dominant species of phytoplankton were Cosmarium moniliforme (Turpin) Ralfs, Staurastrum cf. longbrachiatum (Borge) Gutwinski, Pseudanabaena sp., Aulacoseira granulate Ehrenberg (Simonsen) Frustulia sp. and Peridinium sp. The diversity index revealed that the highest values were recorded in October (3.43) and the lowest were recorded in September (3.43). The trophic status of the water was evaluated from the main parameters (AARL-PC Score) during each month and the water was classified as oligo-mesotrophic (September) to mesotrophic status (August and October). These results were indicative of the diversity of phytoplankton present in the water body.


Phytoplankton, trophic status, water quality, Mae Suai Reservoir

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