Synergistic effect of clay and compatibilizer on properties of immiscible poly(lactic acid)/low density polyethylene blends

Onanong Cheerarot, Nilawan Jantho, Pawinee Phutson


This work investigated the combined effect of clay and compatibilizer on the properties of immiscible blends. Poly(lactic acid)/Low density polyethylene (PLA/LDPE) blends were prepared by simple melt blending in the presence of clay and poly(ethylene-co-glycidyl methacrylate); PE-GMA, as a compatibilizer. The effect of clay and compatibilizer on morphology and thermal behavior of the blends was investigated. The addition of clay and compatibilizer reduces the dispersed phase domain sized significantly, indicating compatibility between PLA and LDPE. The melt flow index dramatically decreased as the clay and compatibilizer were added to the blend, which was attributed mainly to the increase in molecular weight. The calculated interlayer distance, using the Bragg equation, in blends based on Cloisite 30B were a slightly greater level compared with blends based on Cloisite 15A. Moreover, an increase in interlayer distance showed a greater level of intercalation in the PLA-rich system as compared to the LDPE-rich system. Blending of PLA and LDPE led to significant changes in the crystallinity behavior of blends compared to the neat components, In addition, the incorporation of clay into system led to greater changes in the degree of crystallinity, compared to that of unfilled blends.



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