Effect of Ag2O Doping on Some Physical Properties of Y156 Superconductor Prepared by Solid State Reaction

Kanchaporn Tantivichitvech, Siri Sirininlakul, Warayut Bunyoprakan, Tunyanop Nilkamjon, Rattanasuda Supadanaison, Somporn Tiyasri, Wirat Wongphakdee, Pongkaew Udomsamuthirun


Since the discovery the first YBaCuO superconductor has been found in 1987, called as Y123 (YBa2Cu3O7-x) superconductor. The effect of Ag2O on the critical temperature was investigate. However, the new YBaCuO called Y156 superconductor was found, then we interested in effect of Ag2O on some physical properties of this superconductor. The Y156 superconductors doped Ag2O (YBa5Cu6O13-y + xAg2O where x = 0, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20) were synthesized by solid state reaction, with calcination temperature and sintering temperature at 900 °C, and annealing temperature at 550 °C. All of samples obtained were investigated by SEM, EDX, resistivity measurement, and the standard iodometric titration. The highest critical temperature was found in pure Y156 at 95 K. The lowest critical temperature was found in Y156 doped 0.05Ag2O at 89K. We found that the surface of Y156 was improved by Ag2O adding on the porous structure. The pore size in pure Y156 was about 7.1 µm whereas the pore size was smallest at 4.6 µm for Y156 doped 0.20Ag2O. The results revealed that the higher Cu3+/Cu2+ ratio, the higher critical temperature was found.


Superconductor doped Ag, Y156 Superconductor, Solid State Reaction

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