Diversity of Freshwater Green Macroalgae in Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary

Thanitsara Inthasotti, Sorrachat Thiamdao


The green freshwater macroalgae were known as primary producer in aquatic ecosystems as well as traditional food in various parts of Thailand. However, the knowledge in their taxonomy especially on their morphology data are rare. Therefore, this study was aimed to investigate the specific morphology of green macroalgae from Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary. The specimens were collected from 5 waterfalls, Ched sii Waterfall, Tham Fhun Waterfall, Cha Nan Waterfall, Tad Nok Khian Waterfall and Tham Phra Waterfall. Six genera, eighteen species were found. The most divers genus was Spirogyra. The runner up were Mougeotia and Oedogonium. Ched sii Waterfall revealed the highest divers of macroalgae, 9 species were found. Zygnema ralfsii  (Hassall) de Bary was a common species which was found in all sampling sites. On the other hand, Draparnaldia mutabilis (Roth) Cedergren was considered as a rare species which was found only at Tham Fhun Waterfall. This report is the first description on the characteristic in macro algae from Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary.


macroalgae, Phu Wua, Spirogyra, Draparnaldia

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