Comet assay of healthy elderly people in Thai people in Tambon Lak Hok population at Pathumthani province by Lucia program

Faongchat Jarintanan, Weerawat Liemmanee, Kantima Choosang


The Comet assay is a sensitive and rapid method for DNA damage in individual cells. It has found wide acceptance in epidemiological and bio monitoring studies for determination of DNA damage resulting from lifestyle, occupational and environment exposure. However, there is no information regarding the influence of the Thai people in Tambon Lak Hok population at Pathumthani on the results of the assay in lymphocytes of females and males. A study was therefore undertaken among 30 elderly healthy Thai females and males volunteers to assess the effect of the pollution on Comet assay responses. During the October 2015 to October 2016 the basal levels of DNA damage in the lymphocytes as evident by LUCIA Comet parameters were observed. The mean value for the Head DNA % Tail length Tail DNA % Tail moment and Olive moment parameter for all subjects were 99.20±0.08, 0.94±0.10, 0.80±0.08, 0.07±0.02 and 0.18±0.02, respectively. In summary, the results obtained present background data that could be considered as normal values for healthy elderly people living in Metropolitan Region, and can later on serve as baseline values for further toxicological.


Pathumthani province, Elderly people, DNA damage, Comet assay, Lucia program

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