Development of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Rind Spaghetti with Agar Agar – A Preliminary Study.

Gurunath Pandit, Mala Kharkar, Chanda Gokhale, Amol Rawool


The present study reports on the preparation of sweet and savory spaghetti by using an otherwise fruit waste namely watermelon rind along with agar. The sensory evaluation was carried out by 50 panelists using a hedonic scale. Panelists’ response was towards liking spaghetti. Although higher scores for all attributes were observed for savory spaghetti than sweet spaghetti, no statistical significant difference was observed between two types of spaghetti for all attributes. Nutritional composition suggested a low energy product. Thus, the results of present indicate a novel way of using fruit waste into a popular product that is low energy and confers health benefits along being highly acceptable.


Watermelon Rind, Spaghetti, Agar-Agar, Watermelon Rind Spaghetti

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Progress in Applied Science and Technology

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