AR (Augmented Reality) New Media for Food Safety Perceive

Wichien Rerkpatanakit, Tanapat Rerngjakrabhet, Charkrawut Mayuret


The objectives of this study are to create awareness and knowledge about food safety, create awareness of risk factors that can lead to illness or injury due to food and food products to consumers, create knowledge for consumers to prevent and reduce the impact on food and food products which are safe from chemical pathogens and others and to be a channel for dissemination of researches in the Food Safety Project of ARDA. In order to conduct this research study, there are 5 steps of activities which are collecting knowledge and research related to Food Safety, develop an application for Smart phone to support AR technology (Augmented Reality), develop a system maintenance of the database (Back Office) to support AR scans or appropriate technology and import data on food safety, food safety, test and publish the application and promote the application. As the results of the research, an application Food Safety AR is a presentation of information about food safety through Augmented Reality (AR) Technology by using a Smartphone(both iOS and android) to scan relevant image that have been defined to present information in various ways which include 105 Infographics and  10 VDO animations. Yet, another result is Information about the location of the safe restaurants which received the Q-mark from the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS) and Clean Food Good Taste GOLD from the Department of Health.


Food Safety, Augmented Reality (AR), Smartphone Application

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