Physical Chemical and Sensory Properties of Low Sugar Gummy

Paponpat Pattarathitiwat


This research was aimed to evaluated effected of sucralose on physical chemical and sensory properties of low sugar gummy. The optimal formula of gummy consisted of water 200 ml sugar 200 g citric acid 4 g and gelatin 40 g. Sucralose were replaced at 25, 50, 75 and 100% of sugar. All of ingredient were boiled and stir until gentle then pour in to mold until cool. Chemical, physical and sensory (by 9-point hedonic scale test) qualities of the samples were determined. The best sensory test scores at 25 and 50% of sucralose. The color value (L, a*, b*) showed highest at 75% of sucralose (35.78, 3.38 and 10.08). In high sugar sample (25% sucralose) was lowest moisture content and water activity (19.10% and 0.79). The highest Gumminess Chewiness (0.71 and 6.55-6.59 kgf) were found in 75 and 100% of sucralose respectively.


Gummy, Sucralose and Low Sugar Product

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