Effect of Crude Extract from Mycelium and Fruiting Body of Isaria tenuipes BCC 31640 on Tyrosinase Inhibition and Antioxidant Activities

Sasirindara Labua, Tanatya Kenkhunthot


This work investigated the effect of crude extract from mycelium and fruiting body of Isaria tenuipes BCC31640 on tyrosinase inhibition and antioxidant activities .  I. tenuipes BCC31640 was cultivated in liquid and solid mediums at different times.  The researchers determined the mycelium wet weight and dry weight at 60°C for 24 h.  These samples were extracted using 80% methanol.  The highest tyrosinase inhibition exhibited in fruiting body was cultivated in solid media for 42 days (IC50 ~ 0.0426 ± 0.0224 mg/ml) compared with Kojic acid (IC50 ~ 0.0642 ± 0.0399 mg/ml).  The results revealed that the solid and liquid media and cultivation time showed significant effects on antioxidant activities and tyrosinase inhibition.  The antioxidant activities were determined by the DPPH method.  This study showed that the effect of crude extract from mycelium of I. tenuipes BBC 31640 cultivated in liquid media for 7 days gave the highest of antioxidant activities (IC50 ~ 0.6195 ± 0.0097 mg/ml) compared with L-ascorbic acid (IC50 ~ 0.0581 ± 0.0114 mg/ml).


Isaria tenuipes, Antioxidant Activities, Tyrosinase Inhibition, Mycelium, Fruiting Body

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