Removal of Phenol Catalyzed by Peroxidase from Local Thai Plants การเรงปฏิกิริยาการกําจัดฟนอลโดยเอ็นไซมเปอรออกซิเดส จากพืชพื้นบานไทย

chuensumon Yimthin


This study focuses on the removal of phenol by crude peroxidase from winged bean, ivy gourd and swamp cabbage. The extraction of crude peroxidase from swamp cabbage with phosphate buffer exhibited the highest activity (6.31 units per gram of plant). The peroxidase activity was measured using a reaction mixture consisting of 4-aminoantipyrine, phenol and hydrogen peroxide. The conditions for removal of phenol using phenol concentration of 100 ppm, 1 % w/w of H2 O2 , 50 minutes of reaction time, pH 7.0 and 3 units of crude enzyme and phosphate buffer as solvent at 30 oC. The efficiency of phenol removal by crude peroxidase from swamp cabbage was achieved to 90.23 %.


phenol, peroxidase, winged bean, ivy gourd, swamp cabbage

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